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Courage to Remember

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Courage to Remember



Right now, no need to tell about forgetting. Before, do not teach me to think what  i feel. Tomorrow never hesitate my decision.  I’m sure about it and there is no fear if it fails. It’s time to stop, no things to be answered. I guess you know the reasons, I’m sure it will be happened perfectly. More speech appreciated, more I understand the truth. You know that i heard every whisper in my ears or even sound in my sleep, often tender, sometimes hard.


Every human being has stories, about happiness, sadness, smile, crying even dying. Just sitting a moment, let your heart tell you, and wait your thought occupies. May be it will be stronger than thunder in the rain outside, perhaps it will be more disturbable than the most interesting curiosity. I know, not just me and I’m not alone.


I pass my time without telling anything . I walk on my way without writing. You know it’s not only the matter of fingers . I just don’t want if my feeling visits me, that kind of feeling, that is unsolved, hided and betrayed.


Today, I praise my courage to find word by word that hangs around my mind. Don’t you know that’s one of the best step to describe my reality. Or may be you don’t remember that writing has helped you along. Be honest, love all those words more than you can love somebody. Those will never leave you or disappoint you. Treat it in special way and invent all the inspirations behind those word flowers.


Sometimes i’m ashamed by this description. Oh Words you know more than I do. If only you have a voice, but you give me that duty. It’s so heavy, but what can I do. Do not blame me if i stay with silentness. Moreover I even can’t think about it like stopped clock, stay in the same circle but freeze to move. It’s dangerous to my mind.


Ronan said ‘ you said it best, when you say nothing at all’ but I think no words, no change appears. Everyone’s different one another. My feeling has coup d’etat on me,  I wait till my struggle comes. But still ignorance exists, that doesn’t  even bring a little bit of meaning. My speech, my heart, my thought, i want to keep this but no refusing to say it later. You know what i mean, be patient to wait my perfect courage. I am brave enough for this time, would you agree with that?


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August 20, 2008 at 11:43 am

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