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No Country For Honest Man

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When I remembered the history of this country, it makes me proud but it makes me hurt. Independence is something so worth that drills my people struggle for liberation. Fight without money expectation and death without looking for honour. But it’s not happenend today. All things have changed. Something which is beautiful changed artificially.


This nation has it’s government, it’s own land, it’s own  rules. But we are lack of honesty, we are confused about how to live together without making our people sick and losing their happiness. It’s not fuit of real independence, but if it is, It’s better to go back in to sixtythree years ago, before  this independence era. Have you ever thought when you’re returned to that period, you’ll tell your founding fathers and mothers that independence is not as good as they thougt before. Well, colonization isn’t about occupying land or people anymore, but it’s about taking control people by economic power.


No need to wait longer until seeing their tears fall  down. Maybe regret will be showed up but this statement probably said “ it’s your choice to live below the gun or live by handing it up”. This coice one day will arrive at the same destination. The different is the first way is slower than another one.


Philosophy of life mentioned in each heart. But people has righ to make up his mind to hear it or ignore it. Maybe there is no country for honest man, but honesty laid beneath, can’t be denied and can be buried. Even money is like a game player, rules the game and makes a trick in it, for a while it thinks for a win but another day it waits for it’s failure.


No voice for voiceless people, no justice for discrimated persons, no meal for starving man and no sweet lullaby for them who live in suffering. People lose their harmony, they’are so busy with their own affair. Affair about strunggling for life, living for competiton, no more time to stop while you think if there is another side, an aspect to make your people smile and gain prosperious life with heart.


That’s our face that never been changed this time along. Poverty is usual thing, catastrophe is just nature phenomene. To live is to make a reason and to influence people to do what do you want them to do. To live is to minimize the risk and to make others wrong when you stay in georgious right. You’re afraid when they think that you’re not right and you are saved by all the lies. How horrible that face, made you up but moves down your real image. It’s not late for revival.


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September 2, 2008 at 10:07 am

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