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One Day In My Life

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I’m wating for the rain. When dry air change into wet season. When you stay under that umbrella and waiting for the rain stops under the big tree. Perhaps I’m not waiting for you when time separates us and we walk away in our own way. But this rain will take back memory about you.


It’s not about the orchid, not even about the rose. I just can remember when you smile or when no word comes from your mouth. That’s your type, what can I do? no one else can guess what you have in your mind, me neither. Sometimes the same wind take this story again, when I wear that yellow uniform and you with your skirt, sitting on the black chair and try to say calm.


Where are you know? I’m afraid to think that maybe you’re thinking about me today. Longer expectation, longer hope, and a risk? Longer disappointed. Speculation, but I try to guard my heart, who cold I expect about it? smiling, laughing, no need to give a meaning. I can’t understand what you want, and forgive me for my straight demand.


Just in the same situation, when the wind blows so freely , flies my hair, touches my neck skin and paints again your picture that ever painted in my mind. Everyone has story. That’s one among my stories ever. I never try to bury it and give a name in on your story cemetery. I don’t want it to be a history, even the time will take it away and never come back . I can’t hold it but my wind will come along.


Why do birds suddenly appear? I remember this song, it makes my heart want to dance. I feel that I could try to forget it for a while. O yah, don’t you know that this life is about mortalitity and hoping to reach a life eternally. But for a while, it’s so good to enjoy life, runaway from this hectic feeling and then sense it again in a million ways.


I like talking. To talk about your courage makes me want to do something brave. To talk about your shyness makes me remember about keeping feeling and our secret that lies beneath. To talk about your happiness makes me have a spirit to speak aloud my dream, my desire that sometimes prisoned by all this thought.


Thanks God I ever know about you. Past makes me want to regeret it, but I know future welcome with all this lesson life. This was a whole package for me, I can’t deny it. Just feel it with any color.


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September 5, 2008 at 11:22 am

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