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Beauty Has its Own

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Some say that beauty is about something hidden and showed up spontaneously. But every person has their own opinion about this. You can say that beauty is about feminity but another think that it’s bout masculinity. What do you think when you hear words beautiful woman? May be you will imagine her shiny hair, bright skin, point nose, red lips, tender eyes and shaping body. Or what is your opinion about handsome man? His large breast, strong foot, nice smile and black hair. You can make your own description.

But the standart of its beauty can’t be made as one condition filled with only some criterias. It sounds discriminatif and just not fair. Perhaps the media it is, by various advertisings, presents some criterias for people. Who ever known where do they take those criterias from? Have we ever thought that it’s only a business game?

We live in one world, consiste of so many different things. Receiving is needed to make us always understand that we live in the same world with same shiny sun and same ground under our feet. It’s okay when you prefer some things as your condition to mark the meaning of the beauty. But don’t stop to view another beautiness which is not familiar yet to your eyes.

Master means superior, the most and the best. Slave means subordinate, colonialized and the worst. Right now, it’s not the time for Master and Slave, because we live in liberal era when we speak about human right for every difference we have. We speak about democracy, that tell us to hear someone’s voice with closed eyes and freed to answer.

So the beauty is also about democracy. There is no tyrani and beauty absolute, unique is a keyword when you live in free world. No one has a right to judge somebody’s physically appearance. No body need to feel ashamed because of unworthy comments that often heard in our world today.

You are beautiful when you have curly or straight hair, you’re interesting whether you have black, white, yellow or brown skin. There is no reason that allowed to make you change it, just thank for whoever you are with your unique beautiness.

Don’t let blaseless rules take over the paradigma. Just say that everyone has preference but let’s appreciate each physical appearance created by God from the beginning of our days here. How it looks beautiful when everyone of us understand the essence of being received without physical condition. But wherever we are, we still find unfair perception about this beautiness. So from now on let’s campaign about how great is our colourful world. It’s a matter of trying to show all the uniqe reflection become real in every eyes.


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September 8, 2008 at 9:17 am

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