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Poverty is The Face

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Actually the crucial problem of  this country is indigence and beggary that haven’t repaired yet from the start, when our independence declaration announced.  No one leader really ever care about it. That’s the reason why this people can’t gain real patriotic which is needed to deliver prosperity. Poverty provide squall that often heard, squall of mother, baby even a father. Money is not the perfect solution for this. However mentality is a way to change our way of life. When the positive law resurrected and all people obey under that flag.


Money never stands in one side, only people who can control it. Never it knows the truth, the honesty, the justice and even the punishment. You have a choice, to control money with your heart, or controlled by money and make you as its slave. It’s like opposite that united one another, when you select money, you’ll never leave this poverty face, you’ll always find on the face of people around you, don’t try to escape from that. But while you choose to be a master of money, be ready to fight for it until you see the light of welfare, soon or later.


Policy pro poor people but kick again poverty. Would somebody with great power will think about it? Would somebody has willingness to be victimized, leave his or her own consequence and stand with altruism? Where can we find that kind of person? Should we wait longer to find nation children who are unvulnerable to this corrupt culture.


In one hand, it would be in vain while hoping something without strong evidence. In the other hand, we know that on those corners, there are people who’re talented to be candidade leaders. Perhaps, it’s time to regenerate this ideology and to appreciate young thought about this nation destination.


Now, please  looking around you, soul is unworthy, life is meaningless. Poor people put their life on the death table just for one kilogram rice rice and 30.000 Rupiahs. Ironic, charity and alm program become bloody ritual which delivered those poor to final stop. Who should be blamed for this? It’s not time for condemning, just see their poor face as your real image, dirty, bad smell, uneducated, disgusting with that eery screaming.


We’re bored if we listen to this just a topic on TV dialogue, or just printed on newspapers and magazines. We count on lucky people who has a chance to taste education and feel happy while living in poverty freed situation. Show us the compassion which is said will never die, even it almost disappear from this eyes. Let us feel the real mercy that we’re ever heard overseas.


Could you government let us have a little faith in you, just think of this spreaded problem. Together we can fix it, but we only have a little part whether you got it more. Don’t let us become ghost of our own nation, when nothing to be counted and nothing to be depended on. At least we need it just a moment, before we learn to be independent in this life. Clean your dirty hand by changing your first set in this short time. We’re still have a time, but need you to take this first step. Don’t you know that great power comes along great responsibility?


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September 23, 2008 at 9:06 am

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