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Rp. 30.000,- Breath Sold Out

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Soul is priceless if the density of the country is more than two hundred millions. People is like commodity that cheap sold and easily found. Eventhough each human being stays with its soul, and claimed as very special creature but it isn’t more than an object by another people. Opportunity must be catched, profit has to be used as chance, so make the humanity go out from this business area, when glorified name and good reputation needed.


Starvation becomes usual things, make us afraid of richness and luxuority. As if that’s not our destiny and there is large gap between prosperity and our people. On the contrary, we live under capitalism that can’t be separated with our daily life. Closed eyes and pretending sound to be our ‘mal’. No need to avoid this capital, because that’s one of our ecomonic wheel. But capitalism is another thing, when it becomes your ghost night and day, you’re driven and controlled. However you’ll forget that you have heart for your friends which are named also as best creature in this world. Simply, it’s just question of money, but it is tried to be made as complicated things.


Today, when this country people destiny is blured by government ignorance and lack of careness, people like don’t have a choice, to live or to have meal. They can’t see risky way if covered with money as blanket. They never see it’s dangerous if packaged with amount of money, no matter how much it is, at least it can be used for two days necessity. Two days necessity as for awhole life.


Dangerous Charity, Pasuruan tragedy shows this picture to all of us. That Mortality isn’t caused by traffic accident or business crime. It’s just happened in the name of careness and cordiality. Finally the scene arrives in tragedy, when opportunity changes in to tears. Probably will be forgotten just in few days or to be remembered as sympathie symbol, only a symbol. It’s not a kind of coincidence, but prepared unwell and uncoordinated. Do you think that they are not worthy enough to get it? Because of your richness, you think there is no obligation to responsible for all this evil effects. Think about it twice, and then find the proper way for this type of charity, alms or whatever you mention it.


This moment has it dualism, one side it’s a help for life but don’t forget about the fatal one, it brings the death angel to people. Suffering, they can’t stand by this reality. This charity program is a competition, and the winner can take away their soul back home, in meanwhile the defeat, sorry you loose your life and do you still need your Rp30.000? I just can hear regrets and lamentation, no more than that.


I mean, just let’s sorry  for a while. But please don’t make this situation continues with doing nothing. Together we cry for this humanity and together we face this mental sickness. Our goal is educated people in figting for poverty process.


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September 25, 2008 at 11:37 am

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