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A Moment For Truth

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The bus passed by, an advertising on it sounds “ Return to Innocents”. For a while, I thought about what it means. Perhaps it shows up connected with this special time. But is it true? That people can back in to innocent. Like Adam and Eve before their failure fall down became sinners. Just right now, i’m not sure if just the matter of time you could be pured as snow and all of your dirty thought cleaned up. Who can do it? Your self? Nope. Don’t be so confident.


It’s acceptable if i have a part to make me better and to do something right . But to be innocent man, a little unreasonable thing because until the end of this world, no creature is perfect. One day you do the best, another day you do the worst, make your family and your friends cry. Lying, uncontrolled lust, taking something which isn’t your right or maybe killing people not only physically but when you hate someone and revenge her or him.


It doesn’t mean sinner will rest as sinner and stay for good in the dark hole. If so, we’re the poorest creature in this world, because for the rest of our life, we can do nothing to become good person, to contribute useful thing to this earth and to be remembered when we’ll die one day. Or let’s say in religion paradigma, staying in sin and don’t want to be saved is the most dangerous thing. Where will you go after your death? and will you get the punishment for all the wrong that you’ve done?


Basicly, still I believe that I’m not good enough as human being. But with that,  I can’t compromise bad thing in me. I agree that no body’s perfect, in this case means everyone has ever do wrong in their life. That’s why we need the supra power to help us to reach perfect morality that we’ve ever dreamed of. Coz, there is no perfect standart in this world, who can do that?


It’s kind of impossible return to innocent, because it’s not like instant magic, for a moment you become an angel and after that, okay you’re freed to do bad things. It’s human nature and you can deny it. But when you’re apologized and understand that you’re nothing so you need that Al mighty love to save you and to help you. Not only with your strength coz you can’t count on it in this evil world. But your willingness to accept the great change will be great power to support you to refuse black seduces.


Hope will never end when you find a new life. New spirit to have a courage about the truth. Your love becomes a blessing to other, while that love turns into action. You give without taking opportunity from somebody, you help without hoping thanksgiving, and finally you’ve  willingness to sacrifice.


You do the truth for the trut its self. May be those sins are your past but look forward. I still have much time, i won’t be the same one, trying harder to go as far as I can from that sin hands. But i’m not  innocent, still unperfect creature. What I know now is i thank for this life, i understand i’m not the better one but still there is love for me, for pick me up from the darkness. That’s my spirit to go with love and to be a blessing.


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September 26, 2008 at 9:48 am

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