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Between Lies and Dignity

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Somehow it’s not easy to take part in where and when you are. So many things called obstacles that provide the difficulties when you try to make up your mind, to be who you are. Just you, who can choose what kind of person do you want to be, no one else around you. So take it for granted, your life is about you, about your conviction  and how you live.


Once you choose to be a liar, so go on with that choice. But don’t forget about the consequences. You have to be brave when a man died and be slaughtered because of your bulshit and when the woman and her lilttle children cry out, miss her husband and their father. When they’re starving and don’t know who has to be blamed of. Can you live with all that? Only you can answer it, everyone will close their mouth but open their eyes on to wait what you will tell them.


May be you choose to be a man with dignity. In this case don’t surprise if one day you’ll be left alone and no friend, even be blamed of something that you don’t even know anything about it. Or when you’re ready to cry for others and hate your self just because of your weakness even you’ve tried harder and harder.


This life is about choice. One step you took will leave ever print, although you don’t want to remember it anymore. It’s called consequence, this life lesson consistes of right step, wrong step, consequence and conclusion. Don’t be afraid of your failure, because you will never step higher when you can’t kiss it and have no revenge for it.


But it doesn’t mean that no CHANGE indeed. Everyone needs changes. Changes is the only one eternity in this earth. Yes it’s hard, but when you’re sure to take it, take your U turn and get the opposite direction, just try to struggle for it and waiting for the bigger than ever. When cheater becomes a man with dignity, how lovely it could be. And it’s true possible.


Don’t try to be grey man, you can’t mix lies and dignity. A first lie will be covered with million lies, so just stop it or take it. You can live with that two gods, never. However there is no grey zone in this world even nowadays, you’ll find any kind of compromising, in the name of money, power, reward, fortune or maybe no choice you said. But in your pathway you will know someday, that you can choose between lies and dignity. To be or not to be, that’s the final offering.


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October 13, 2008 at 11:02 am

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