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The General

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When I talked to my journalist friend, I asked him about the General, maybe he had ever heard about him or even He knows more than I expect. When I said that name he just answered “ He’s a dog, loyal to who he belongs to, loyal to his owner, he’s somekind of military boss.”


For a moment, I laughed at that true joke. I say true joke because that analogy was definitely suitable for that context and that’s really true. But ready or not, like or dislike I have to know much about it, about all the lies and betrayal.


For this time I know that all his speech and those motivations became bullshit, useless and even less than waste in my mind. I thank if I almost forget all that he had ever said. Right it’s unfair if good sentence is forgettable but I think I can get it from anywhere and it’s unconditional if I choose not to remember.


Let me describe a little bit of him. He comes from poor family and try to reach his dreams harder and harder until he got his big position and has a name in this ironic country. I don’t care about all the speculation how he took step by step untul the upstair, briefly about his history and all the lies beneath. All I know just he tries to own his nativity town, not with love but with power.


Actually if that vision comes from pure heart and without power starvation, how beautiful it could be. When smart children without money can be helped to get well education and then will back again to build her or his town. But now it sounds like an old song, cliché and cheap issue.


Do you ever know that actually, it’s normal if the children get enough education even daily fee from country, and that is their right that they are enjoying at. It’s not the money from the General, let’s say maybe he make little effort to get it but however it’s not fair if next day the General want those children payback his ‘angelic action’. It’s all country facility and he is trying to make it as his good name so the town will obey him and praise him like gods.


Maybe he forgot something. Days are running by, and he is getting older right now. It’s time to stay among his family and tell about his heroic action in UN mission. But what can he say, when he dind’t have a face in front of his daughter and son again and just stand above artificial image for his wife. Or probably he got sick and he need help but no one could understand him that’s why he’s brave to betray this country just because of money and all kind of seduces.


I don’t want to moque you or satisfy when you’re collapse. But one thing sure, may be you’ve failed to carry on that good chance, maybe you’re not different with all the corruptors and perhaps you’ve killed many people with or without your hands and a number of children and woman cried because of your dangerous game. Right now just your personal responsibility to your real OWNER and it’s time to deliver this top responsibility to another.


All thing has time, all action with consequence. It’s same with all things you’ve done, just wait for the consequence and stop to pretend that you’ve had make much for your town and moreover for this country. In your celebration day, you said you just have faith for this nation. Could you stop that black doctrine and please be conscious, no one respect on you anymore except they need your money or your almost disappeared power, between army and vandalism. They said there’s no different between them two, but I believe one of hundreds even thousands, there’s still tender heart soldier.


The people who’s ever been connected to you now think. What step do they have to take, defend your big name with all dark politic, keep in silent, or speak out to opposite you. I, right now, i don’t stay for someone or because of someone. You’re my enemy when you destroy weak people and you’re my friend when you’re agree to support the truth honesty. Maybe they’ve died for you, but for me truth will lay till the end. Big shame will never end if mistake has been cited.


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October 17, 2008 at 11:38 am

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