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A Cup of Tea

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What are you going to choose for your spare time? To accompany when you’re talking or thinking and to make your speech fluently. A cup of coffee, a glass of fruitjuice, milk, or a cup of tea.


If I was offered, I’ll take a cup of tea. Hot tea with half little spoon of sugar. That fresh tea would clear my heavy mind and sweet sugar  makes me smile again. Perhaps cookies and wafel will complete our leisure afternoon. It can help us to look for the topics and start to discuss today.


Now on, let’s talk about fashion. Basicly, I don’t know much about this , historical and contemporal. Only know, what is happening in fashion world nowadays. Moreover, fashion topic could be moved to politic, economy etc. Oya what I heard in fashion news related to US political issue is Republican National Committee spent more than 150.000 US Dollars just on clothes for vice presidential pick, Sarah Palin. It makes me think, it is  Rp. 1.500.000.000 if we change into Rupiah with minimal calculation of rate of exchange, let’s say Rp.10000,-.


Clothes fee, not including clothes for her children even the baby recently born few months ago. From that situation, we know how important is fashion even for politic case. Similarly with celebrities, politician is public figure that’s followed by cameras wherever they go. Fashion media will start to recognize their brand fashion and calculate the price, how much it costs.


Hmmm do you think that much money needed will contribute positively to number of voters, or maybe it could reduce the voters, considering many countries such us USA also fall down because of global financial crisis.


In one hand, that becomes good orientation for fashion, appearance influence performance. But in another hand, we can say it isn’t wise to spend much money while many people can’t pay their debt even they find difficulties to cost their daily bread. It’s not time to live glamourously and choose the best fashion without economic reason. If we read fashion articles, we know that today fashion business try to adapt with bad economic condition. The designers try to create good fashion but they really realize that their consumers don’t  want to spend much money just for fashion desire.


I can even think about it. Let me drink again my hot tea before the wind makes it cold. Hmmmm…I hope that campaign fee isn’t as much as that. Just like my tea, definitely not expensive, but makes my body warm and my heart happy. Politic is for all, so let share that fee for all too, too much for fashion.Of course what i mean isn’t money politic,but money for people, to feed and to live.


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October 23, 2008 at 9:13 am

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