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Right here still feel the nuance and your rhythm. When the air of December breeze, I breath it again once more and I hope in the next year. I don’t care if the department stores offer so much promo and sales of the year, I’m not looking for that and my heart won’t be put in circle of commercialism.


This is special time, not just because of holiday, when you have much time to go to vacancy or spend your time with your favourite activities. May be I only have two days to stop and keep together with my family but I know each ending of the year hand it’s uniqeness. Date will be same every year but every memory sounds special things.


Fourteen days before 2009, I pass it with looking behind and try to be ready to welcome the 2009. Many changes I feel and I see in my life but one thing I know, the best is who’re ready to live in life itself. But, it doesn’t mean that there’s no happiness or fun in my world, ow wake up so many things happened and I don’t even be able to type it all as good story.


Days go by

Still many things to do

Like somebody who says boo

I’m surprised and think for a moment

Why is time so short

I really try to go afford

But I know I loose it

Just be able to greet

Can I mention meaningless

Sometimes playing with fearness

Almost breathless

Never hopeless

I’m willing to let it go

Taste one hope for sure


What do you say of taking chances? When knowing your time, no argue to start and to finish. It’s real when I don’t know about future even one day after today. Don’t you think that everybody got believing in life. You don’t see the invisible hand but you experience it and not only a form of imagination. I am disappointed by my self quand je peux cacher mon temps. But I won’t stay silence on that disappointment. Everyday I see a new life, I meet  with new face and it’s enough to be my inspiration.







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December 17, 2008 at 1:01 pm

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