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No word, no voice, just my thought flies away, left me here alone.
Sometimes I hear the songs that ever kept in my mind,now i want to sing but I feel i lost my tone and suddenly that desire stopped. Everyone needs contemplation, when everyday is hecticfully and facing crowded things.
Do you ever stand up while your heart mal and you don’t find the way to express what you want. If you ever, it’s sure you know how to struggle with your own soul.
Prayer, just be it as my life coz there’s nothing in this world gratefully expected. Right, some people says it’s unlogical.
In this era which called modern, you’ve to prove somethings concrete, played with every methods that accepted for human being ratio.
Il est interdit de make me tied when I trust about prayer. Moreover, I feel really free in my personal communication with my creator. Just want to say, that’s one thing who ever make me thanks my life, love others, even my enemy. Because He loves me, i can love you, because He listens me, I can listen to you. I’m ready for life is only because of hope, that may be can’t be seen by eyes but by heart and mind. Huuuuhhh…I breath one moment, I realize I can’t fix my problem step by step and smile that’s showed up from my true heart, don’t you think it’s form of hypocricy. Never i think.


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December 30, 2008 at 2:41 pm

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