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Little Shaman at the Beginning of this Year

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Finally, the little shaman goes to school again. Almost a month he passed his time as respectable and hopeable child. Thousands men came to request the recovery and revival from that little one. It’s weird but it’s happening. Jombang has been a focus for these times. He’s name Muhammad Ponari, just a little son who still sits at third degree of primary school. News said that some people get recovered but unluckily, not all. However they’re still believe this kid. It’s called hope, it comes from every testimony, experience or euphoria from who has got well of their deseases.

Can you imagine, how hectic he is when everyday he has to face hundreds even thousands faces begging for healing. But this tired results a popularity that even can’t be competed by parlement candidates who are going to compete in national election this year. He doesn’t need even a piece of leaflet to introduce himself. So what are the reasons they came to him? They said the believe in God, do they think this is the special way from Divine energy to transform His people? When you’re prisoned by desease like loosing energy and not able to face illness everyday, irrationality is going to show up.

Aches make them cry, scream, afraid, anxious, whimper, lament, grumble and almost crazy. Right, don’t give up with all that weakness, run for every healing efforts but it doesn’t mean you’ve to hide your logical view. If you don’t know anymore where have to go or who have to find to solve this physical sickness that almost influence the psychological feeling. Why do all good things come to an end? This question will exist when people with illness can’t hardly finish their desease. It makes them weaker day by day, no more smile and this earth leave as dust in their ayes. Pathetic, look at the people who also faces the same thing, even worse. Probably like or dislike, they’ve told the ending. Just count their days. But what did they do? They don’t stop for a hope, they try the best that they can but they don’t sell their thought to unlogical stone merchand. He’s just a kid, all that he wants are studying, playing, making friends and learn to know this world. It’s better if all the people stop disturb him. One day he will realize that eventhough he can make money and buy high-tech phone cell but he will regret about missing free days, as normal child. So lets take learning from who get also hard experience of mal but actually they struggle for life and in their short time, continue reflect that what an opportunity to live here on earth.

I remember about Jesus who actually can get a huge popularity easily in Hebrews and Palestine cities. Once more at Capernaaum, many miracles were worked, no surprise it had any effect on the hearts of the inhabitants. From morning to night, Jesus heals dan revives the people from every sickness. He’s not only give them a cup of miraculous water or any other magic formulation. He doesn’t want the praise goes to healing practical. He said something, touch them person to person. The’re healed but the most is He wants their soul knows who’s the healer and the true teacher of life. Sure Jesus can scoop advantages from all of this, but it’s not the point. He wont stay just because of he had been inaugurated as the highest man in Hall of Fame.

Early in the morning, He prayed and worshiped. He then went to another city? Don’t want to stay longer at Capernaum. But why does he stay longer to heal the people? Don’t they need Him, don’t everyone who’re sick deserve a healing? His disciples questioned this.
But He knows, that longer He stay, the people will look Him as Healer not God. They will interested just in physical revival more than soul necessity. That’s right, we need a health, but once more that’s not the point. Gain healing as a blessing but no as salvation. The life doesn’t stop at this round world. He went, because the good story has been told, another people need to hear that too. He doesn’t look for popularity.

So lets back to little Ponari. He still opens healing practical start from 12 pm except Thursday and Friday. This phenomenon still goes around eventhough victims founded when people came in throughs to his house. He doesn’t cost his medical treatment expensive. Not like the hospitals and paramedic practical which often firsly pierce money than a recovery for a patient. That’s not secret, in this country, health paid a high cost. No money no healthy, probably scepticists will say so.


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February 21, 2009 at 12:10 pm

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