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A Power of Lust or Love?

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These days, it’s so easy to find party flags wherever you go in every region in Indonesia. From big cities to isolated villages. Right, it seems no problem for them to reach every inch of this country. We call it the power of campaign. Every colour flies in the wind, yellow, red, green, blue, orange, white, and mix colour. Lust to gain the kingdom, desire to achieve glory, passion for money. But others said still there people with pure burden, who miss to see a prosperous nation which is independent from every type of hegemony.

Liberty comes when they told that reformation era tasted. So everybody let’s speak up and make your dreams for this nation come true. You can bring every issue because so many things have to be repaired in this pays. Start from agriculture, once upon a time we’ve ever called as country of agriculture, haven’t we? I remember when I was a child, i saw this country’s face surrounded by rice and other agricultural fields. Koes Ploes ever sang that every seed that you sow on this land, it will grow as a plan, fruitable and flourish. I saw that when I watched television, I found it whether I study in school. I don’t know but I ever proud of it. May be I still have a chance to feel this agricultural doctrine. But now, we start to loose it. Never I heard, a teenager or a kid wish to be a farmer at the future. I mean not as uneducational and unskilled farmer. A farmer who understands about technology and wants to develop the real capital of this country, AGRICULTURE. Even now, we have to eat rice imported from Thailand and Cambodge maybe from Japan. We don’t know where we are again. This isn’t my land anymore.

What do you say about mine, gas and oil? This land spreaded, contained by all those things. But it changes right as Cepu blok was sold. Like everyone is silent to see foreign companies stand up arrogantly. Our people execute it but the foreigners taste it. The labor are tired for this but they’re satisfy enough when gain some millions per month, like it was a pride. Sure, we realize there is a weakness. We don’t have potential skill to manage and we’re promised to borrow very latest technology which is paid in high cost.

Nothing we can say, our forest have been burned. Our collective lung has been depraved. Automatically, we are going to loose our rain as a package. “ Owww this day’s so hot”, you can hear it almost everyday. Next, rain season can’t be predicted as it is. It becomes uncontrolled, for one surfeited point, welcome disaster, flood like a new comer season in Jakarta and as soon as possible will be a contagious symptom to the next area. Nothing left, but where are we going to go if there is no more dreams and wishes. Like Dita Indah Sari, one of many young parlement candidates who are going to compete in parlementary election for the next few months.

She is one of ex reformation activists who thinks that it’s time to take a part in parlementary. “ We realize that we’re weak when we protest and give our aspiration just out of the fence of parlementary house,” said woman who was awarded Magsaysay on 2001. But many activist aren’t believe you can keep your basic ideology when entering the Chamber. Are you sure of this?
“ This is not my personal desire actually, this is communal decision from many activists, that’s right, that everyone of us don’t join the party as communal power, but I think the time will prove it, don’t be so cynical and pessimist. If we don’t start to make it better and try to balance the domination of traditional politician, so when do we gain our dream?” She added.

Nowadays, the door opens wider for citizen to show their political aspiration. Apparently, we know that optimistic sentiments go to the national election of the year. Many parties are going to join this election. Independent president candidates appear as they see the wind of change happened. As in United States, young leader is taking his turn. Obama becomes a hope. Before only about 40 percents citizens give their vote but after that afro-american candidate came forward, drastically about 60 percents use their right as voters.

It’s not wrong making other country as an example. Luckily if we get the positive effect, a new spirit, a new political soul that ever died and buried for almost thirty years. Many candidates try to publish themselves by facebook, you know Obama use it and it worked. But like said before, not everyone has a pure spirit to work for this country, who has a dream to see the people smile and live independently. But, everyone has a right to vote and to be voted, everyone has a chance. Eventhough democracy still seems to be interrupted with certain intention. How about parliamentary threshold that positively becomes an obstacle for independent president candidates. Wiranto, Sutiyoso, Yusril Iza Mahendra, and Prabowo comes from small party. That’s why they now feel shaked, hurry, looking for coalition to gain minimum 2,5 percent of all the voters, let’s say about 4,5 millions.

A lesson for a leader is a lesson becoming a servant. I remember when Jesus was cheered and applaused entering Jerusalem. Hosannah…Hosannah, they shouted. It’s not difficult for Him to gain all the inhabitant vote. They will follow him even to protest against roman’s empire, to lead a rebellion. But He didn’t do it. Don’t you know that He chose a donkey not a horse to ride. A soldier comes with strong horse to show his power. But The Son of David comes to bring love and peace for the world and as the Jerusalem context for that time, the most important is liberty from sin not only from something visible like freed from domination. Even you leader has power, no need to exhibition your capacity. You’re not a leader because you can order people to do what you like. The real leader has servant leadership. Serve first and you’ll be served.


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February 26, 2009 at 3:32 pm

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